really not starting over…





I see my acupunctures twice a week, she’s wonderful, May Liu and I enjoy our conversations very much.  Each topic of discussion is directed towards positive thoughts and healing, I love her views on life, her Buddhism beliefs and faith are strong.  I’m Catholic by faith, but everything we discuss seems to link-back in one-way or the other.  She explains are bodies are but shells until a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth.  I find this fascinating because our Catholic faith teaches us to be disciples for God, in helping others build better relationships with everyone and yourselves.  And not to hold on to negative thoughts or grudges.

The search continues to find the piece of the puzzle where are minds can heal us.  True purpose of why we exist is to share this wonderful spiritual sense we all desire peace and love and positive thoughts with everyone.  The mind used in this way can heal and overcome illnesses and unwanted stress.  She explains that meditations is the heart of buddhism way of life.  Meditations helps with blocking out the negative thoughts of delusions and promotes happiness and wellness for our bodies.  Doing this once a day can begin the healing process, find the time and meditate help find your peace each and everyday.

The Catholic faith teaches us about loving God and his healing powers such as  miracles, and prayers needed to overcome ones illness, which would be the same as meditating and focusing on positive results.  I believe both ways are critical when looking for cures no one knows about or understands.

So the message for this post is to believe all things are possible, there are no right ways only methods not yet revealed.  There are many pills and medicines to choose from so before running out to the local drug store, look into the mirror and ask yourselves do I have the healing abilities needed to cure myself.  It starts with you believing your mind and with help from positive thoughts or lots of prayers and faith, we can heal ourselves.  Positive thoughts and taking care of our bodies are the start to many more years of happiness with family and friends.  I’m not saying to disregard what your physician is telling you but look at other ways of healing yourself is key.  Don’t sit around and wait for something to happen, get up and start it today.  Life is a gift and shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Our minds when not utilized become like hard candy, so let’s start exercising our minds so they feel like soft jelly.  And everyone like jelly.  So to all my PALS out there, don’t you quit, I can say this because I do understand this illness SUC@ AS@ yes it does.  Share your thoughts and post them or have someone do it for you, your words must be heard.  Sharing things that helps me gets me through the day and will help you.  PALS for Life, it’s not the best club but, I’m okay with that.  So remember everything happens for a reason so use this illness to your advantage.