One piece at a time.


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It’s been four years now, living with ALS. Not the best of times, but trying to make every second count. There’s so much thinking, and wondering how will this disease progress? I am very optimistic, and focused on recovery and getting back to what I have lost. The mind and spirit can overcome many things, allowing yourself to feel defeated would be devastating and then harder to overcome. We must stay positive and determined, self-talk is key, meditation in finding your inter strength to repair your body and to rebuild which has been lost. It sounds easy, but requires dedication and focus. There are so many things, one piece at a time. The first thing on my list, create a support group, and educate those living with ALS. There is so much I’ve learned over these pass years. Becoming a Team Advisor for PatientsLikeMe, what an honor. Meeting so many…

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