What an amazing life, we all have so many choices.  Our gift of life and every breath we take should not be taken for granted.  Each one of us can effect so many with our actions and attitudes, we may not realize it at that moment.  Our attitude matters, no excuses, if we are interacting with others and are seeking their approve or direction towards a given task, don’t be surprised when they push back.  Just a simple facial expression changes everything.  Remember salivary ended many years ago, working together and with great compassion and leading with the right attitude, and vigor brings it all together.  Whatever the obstacles overcome it with passion and conviction, there’s nothing I can’t do or accomplish.  With everyday we are alive, we must take every advantage and moment to appreciate our time here.  Nothing is simple or easy, every step we take finds us closers or further from our goals.  We must never become discourage or angry with the out come but, develop a new strategy creates a new vision or path.

Here’s a metaphor, if it were easy everyone would do it.  To become successful takes time and perseverance despite any difficulty.  We must breath it, in merge yourself each and every moment when possible.  To create a foundation which can’t be broken or cracked.  To master your craft takes every bit of effort and energy and then some.  I call it perfect practice, makes perfect.  We have the ability to succeed or persevere when our minds are put to task.  I understand we all need to find our niche, but sometimes I wonder why we become so discourage when things don’t work out in our favor.  It’s always amazed me, you don’t put the effort and then you complain it’s difficult.  You clearly have the ability to succeed and flourish but, there’s no effort.  The main ingredient missing is you, commit and go all in and rejoice in your success.  You totally understand what is expected from you it’s not rock science.  

To succeed, accomplish, flourish, thrive, and triumph bring out the best results and puts us in the drives seat.  Just remember, if it were easy everyone would do it.  Words to live by, so don’t get left out make sure you have a seat on the bus of success.  There’s always room for those who want to achieve wonderful things.  Your success will affect others in a positive way 100 percent.  When you climb up the ladder of success so will others and they too will follow.  Take as many with you, don’t leave anyone behind.    



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