“Service Wins”



Tip of the day,

The biggest “Win” happens everyday, when our phone rings and our personal phone buzzes, these are 100 percent oppertunities to exceed our customers perception.  Our professionalism matters, responding within a reasonable time makes all the difference.  How many discuss what’s the best time to call or check status?  This simple conversation will save you so much time and eliminates frustration.  Our busiest times are from __ to __, you fill in the blanks.  Having this simple conversation with your customers demonstrates how important you value their time.  I am simply amazed how much more is completed when you are afforded time.  Organization is key, and paramount when you exceed your customers expectation’s.  This simple modification in your process will enable you to be in control, and maximize your productivity.  I challenge those who are constantly  fighting with their receptionist everyday and why your customers are angry…

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