“Could’ve or Should’ve”



Working in sales and looking for every opportunity to sell a used or new vehicle, has it’s challenges.  If you’ve never sold anything or negotiated a deal of any kind, here’s my professional opinion.  Before anything is said there are a few things which come to mind.

  • Know your product

Let’s discuss this, know your product; before anyone is greeted or welcomed, your knowledge of every model and style including the used cars should be understood.  You can’t build valve without product knowledge.  Every part of the vehicle is key, when you are listening to your prospect.  You should be building his or her vehicle inside your head, when all is taken in I have the perfect vehicle just for you.  Don’t be afraid to take notes as they are speaking.  Product knowledge is paramount, in closing every deal.

  • Training

An outline and written process should be given and thoroughly understood by the salesperson, this process would outline their training schedule and objectives for completion, before allowing him or her to interact with clients or prospects.  There should be no reason why this couldn’t be completed.  100 percent of their training is on-line created for efficiency and to ask questions when needed.  The biggest part of losing sales in my opinion are, saying the wrong things and not building valve.  So training never stops, it’s on going through the life of that professional.

  • Appearance

Our appearance is the very first expression your prospect will have of you in 3 seconds when you greet them.  Not only are they looking for the perfect vehicle, but also being assisted by a true professional would be a plus.  Your smile, your handshake, and most improtant how you are dressed.  I’ve always told my sales consultants, when you look good you feel terrific and every prospect loves a professional.

When all three are combined you become a selling machine.  Could’ve or should’ve, would never be considered, here’s why, after listening and asking all the right questions and looking your best, not only have you sold the vehicle, you’ve made a client for life.  Our follow-up process and your commitment to stay with them until there next purchase is called completing the full circle of a relationship.  This means you now have the ability to sell to their friends and family members, it’s called the referral process.  This is the biggest miss I’ve since in the sales department.  Not following up and stay engaged is a huge loss and if you don’t, believe me someone else will.  I could never understand why you would prefer to sit and wait for prospects rather then working your sold clients.  There are no excuses, follow-up, follow-up are the keys too success.

Service departments, what a concept here are 40 to 60 clients everyday coming in for service.  Why aren’t your sales consultants on the drive?  Huge, create a process, and have your consultants working your service drive for an hour at a time.  Create a process, to encourage road tests.  If a client agrees to road test a new or used vehicle offer a discount on their service or discount on the next service, you decide.  Wonderful process, for the lease returns and pre-owned vehicles.  They are there already, make use of there time.  Remember these are clients who have purchased for your store and already have a  relationship.  And for the sales consultants who road test any of the service clients and follow the process, create a bonus of some kind and make it fun.  A wonderful process for the used car departments as well, have your consultants asking your clients if they would be in the market for selling there vehicle.  Our Used Car Manager would love the opportunity to purchase your vehicle.  These are the different ideas which can lead to building your client base and not wondering how am I going to make my bills and support my family.  Stop the worrying and lets become the professional you were meant to be.

These wonderful process won’t work unless your Sales Managers are on broad.  If your sales consultants are having difficulties with appraising or having your clients wait, there will most definitely be missed opportunities.  Creating a process and adhering to it, everyone profits and best of all your clients, build the loyally and grow your business.




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