“Could’ve or Should’ve”



Working in sales and looking for every opportunity to sell a used or new vehicle, has it’s challenges.  If you’ve never sold anything or negotiated a deal of any kind, here’s my professional opinion.  Before anything is said there are a few things which come to mind.

  • Know your product

Let’s discuss this, know your product; before anyone is greeted or welcomed, your knowledge of every model and style including the used cars should be understood.  You can’t build valve without product knowledge.  Every part of the vehicle is key, when you are listening to your prospect.  You should be building his or her vehicle inside your head, when all is taken in I have the perfect vehicle just for you.  Don’t be afraid to take notes as they are speaking.  Product knowledge is paramount, in closing every deal.

  • Training

An outline and written process should be given and thoroughly…

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