“Partners, and Caregivers”


  • Know your needs in the partnership
  • Align the partnership
  • Share responsibility
  • Respect each partner
  • Listen and communicate
  • Evolve and accept growth
  • Reflect, evaluate, and re-prioritize

I believe the hardest thing has been always feeling I was in control and didn’t need anyones help or assistance.  But how have the tables turned, I lean on my wife more then ever before, with the understanding I try everyday to be as independent as possible.  I truly see how tired my wife gets and how frustrating this illness has made her feel.  I respect her time and appreciate everything she does for me.  I sometimes push her towards taking a time out and spending time for her.  She needs time for her self and to unwind from all of this.  And don’t take her or him for granted because we need each other for support and good health.

Living on the same page…

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