“Our Steps”




It doesn’t matter where you started in life, what matters each and everyday are the steps we have taken.  There are many paths and choices, but which path or which choice?  That’s the decision you will need to make, not because we are forced or pushed, but because we understand the path we must follow.  Our steps may not take us to the desired destination or place we have set our compass too.  Just like when using your vehicles GPS, we must sometimes need to push the redirect button.  Never let your decisions in navigating give you a sense of being lost.  Sometimes feeling a sense of confusion redirect us towards are destination.  Confusion allows us to rethink the path before the first step is taken.  Don’t feel a sense of lost when you second guess yourself, the path we choose may not seem like the correct path, simply because it’s filled with holes and unevenness, but continue because your path is filled with many trails which will always lead you to your destination.  Never give in and always know that the trails you have walked many may follow as well.  

Never regret or feel self pity, sometimes we are placed or redirected by a force we have no control over, continue your journey and helping those along the way.  The places we will arrive at may give us a sense of purpose and hope, seeing things we may not have seen if not placed in our new direction.  Gives us hope and understanding as to why we walk these trails.         


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