The Journey 2015





Let start at the beginning, January 01, 2015.  Living with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) it’s been an eye opening life challenging occurrence, my affirmation was to keep this illness slow and steady.  I believe my thoughts and positive outlook has afforded me to continue the path of a slow progression.  I’ve continued my acupuncture treatments, twice a week and massage therapy, once a week.  My diet, I believe has helped me as well.  Gluten-free, and no red meat.  I can say 100 percent anyone  dealing with any kind of illness what you put in your body makes all the difference.

Lets discuss this Gluten-free diet, at the beginning I said what no bread, oh I can’t do that!  But, the truth for me was it has made all the difference in every way possible.  There are now so many kinds of gluten-free products available and would bet you couldn’t tell the difference.  I love pizza and thought, what will I do now.  But, guess what there’s gluten-free bread and I am still enjoying my pizza.  I also would say, gluten-free spaghetti is the best, and I bet you couldn’t tell which is which.  So giving up gluten would be a plus, and your body would surly appreciate it.

Gluten – is a substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.  There’s so much more information out there.  Just google it and see.  Every bit helps when you are dealing with any kind of disease or illness.

It’s amazing when you stop and think about what’s happening, I never got sick, and always said my immune system couldn’t be affected.  I never took any kind of supplements or vitamins, but how things have changed.  Now, I take different types of vitamins and supplements.  Here a list:

  1. Vitamin A – energy
  2. Vitamin D3- calcitriol – energy
  3. Vitamin B – energy
  4. Vitamin B-12 – energy
  5. Coconut oil – ALS
  6. Fish oil – ALS
  7. Flaxseed oil – ALS
  8. Magnesium – ALS
  9. Melatonin – for sleep
  10. Omega 3 fish oil – ALS
  11. Stem-kine – for energy

I take these daily, who would never think, just to keep my energy up and able to do the simplest tasks.  I call them, counting your wins.

I am still able to walk with the use of a walker, I no longer drive.  Which was a huge lose.  So now I’m shuttled all over the place, I don’t get out much simply because the restroom thing is a big pain in the butt!  I can’t hold it like before, so staying home is fine by me.  Family visits and friends come by, and it’s just fine.  I find myself reading a great deal and writing things, blogging and posting on social media is so much fun.  I enjoy sharing my thoughts and positive outlook in life and in business.

I have a routine, every morning up by 7:00AM and watching the news.  In the shower by 8:15AM.  It takes me an hour to get ready, so I take my time. I get dressed, and in my office by 10:00AM or so.  I read and write, listening to meditation music, and spiritual music, also Christen music.  It helps me throughout the morning.  Downstairs by 1:00PM or so.  If the sun is out which in California the suns out 95 percent of the time.  Will sit outside on the front lawn, and take in some vitamin D, the good stuff, all neutral.  That’s why everyone tells me I’m getting darker everyday.  I love sitting outside, it’s the best.  I come inside and sit on the couch and listen to music for a while, or will watch CNN or catch a movie on Netflix’s.  I never get bored or feel alone.  I truly enjoy being home, and taking care of myself.  So when I’m not at the doctors office or getting needled you’ll find me sitting outside.  I give 100 percent of everything that has helped me to my wife, she has been the best thing the good Lord has blessed me with. My caregiver, wife and support team all in one.  If not for her I don’t know where I would be.  And to my immediate family, the love and support as well, and can’t forget about my two sons, Gus Jr, and Kenneth Christopher, their support and understanding is a blessing.  They are both stronger for me.

Walking in the footsteps of someone dealing with ALS, it’s just how it is.  Back in August about mid month, I was sent an e-mail for PatientsLikeMe.  An organization set up to bring patient together and share their stories and treatments.  Bridging the gap between patients and doctors, thinking outside of the box.  They were looking for candidates to join PatientsLikeMe for one year, to create a team of advisors who would share their journeys and help create a better process, for caregivers and partners.  They would select 14 individuals from a pool of about 1500 patients.  So I thought what a wonderful opportunity for me.  So I filled out the questionnaire and sent it.  About two week later I received other e-mail stating they would like to interview me.  So I reply and posted the dates given.  The interview went well, and again waited for their reply.  I was nervous in anticipation of the results.  About mid month September I received the e-mail I had been waiting for, it said congratulation Gus, you have been selected and they would be flying me out to Boston Massachusetts, where I would met the team of advisors.  It was a glorious day indeed.  I meet the entire staff and the person responsible for starting this amazing organization.  James Haywood founder, and his brother Ben. The company was started because James brother Stephen had ALS, and wanted to find a cure.  I am blessed and will give my all to those who are and will be diagnosed in helping them in anyway possible.  I share my thoughts and stories with all my PALS daily, PatientsLikeMe has created a site where everyday you can share how you are feeling and what new treatments maybe helping and posting it, the best form of releasing your words to help others.  Patient to patient relationship it’s the best.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, so always keep your eyes open because you’ll never know when you will be called.  So this brings me to today, December 23rd slow and easy.  Hoping for a better 2016 and they find a cure for those not yet diagnosed.  God bless everyone and a very Merry Christmas to all.  “Better in 2016”.












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