The Journey 2015



Let start at the beginning, January 01, 2015.  Living with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) it’s been an eye opening life challenging occurrence, my affirmation was to keep this illness slow and steady.  I believe my thoughts and positive outlook has afforded me to continue the path of a slow progression.  I’ve continued my acupuncture treatments, twice a week and massage therapy, once a week.  My diet, I believe has helped me as well.  Gluten-free, and no red meat.  I can say 100 percent anyone  dealing with any kind of illness what you put in your body makes all the difference.

Lets discuss this Gluten-free diet, at the beginning I said what no bread, oh I can’t do that!  But, the truth for me was it has made all the difference in every way possible.  There are now so many kinds of gluten-free products available and would bet you couldn’t tell…

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One thought on “The Journey 2015

  1. Thank you! I am just now able to get back to the PLM website. I, too, have a positive attitude and am slowly going Gluten free. God bless


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