Gus: Rhino Style

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GusGus is magical.

With a few words and his beaming smile, an entire room can light up and fill with laughter. His enthusiasm for life and love is infectious. He calls it “Rhino Style.” I didn’t know that rhinos were magical creatures.

I met Gus Prieto a few weeks ago at the PatientsLikeMe Team of Advisors kick-off meeting. Each individual on this team comes with experiences, conditions, and strengths that are different. It’s my hope that over the next few months, you’ll learn about them individually here.

People with diabetes want a cure. They want understanding.  They want support.

People with ALS want a cure. They want understanding. They want support.

People like Gus.

I’m sharing his story today.

What is ALS?

als_what_is_als_infographic-thumb-425pxYou might know it as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The Ice Bucket Challenge that was all the rage last year (and raised an important amount of money for…

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