Finding those words…



There are so many topics and yet, I can’t find the words today.  It’s difficult, I need substance and words to up-lift others.  Never thought the words would escape me and discovering no true meaning to discuss.  I have read so many books written by great authors and find it  simulating when those words just run of their lips.  I find myself lost in thought wondering where those words came from and how wonderful they are to read.  The words just make you stop and think, is this what the author is saying or is there something else written between the lines.  There are times when I’ll read the page twice, just to hear those powerful words again.   I close my eyes and envision myself, doing the very same things which I just read.  Our minds can heal and positively thinking and using repetitive motion is key.  We can overcome anything or any illness, seeing it and envisioning it.         

 Running and doing the simplest things, no one ever gives thought too.  Waking up in the morning and jumping out of bed, simple but difficult.  I think sleeping is sometimes the best, because it’s when I’m fine and full of energy and walking and running without a care in the world.  Yes, this illness doesn’t affect me when having those wonderful dreams, I think just don’t wake me up.  Yesterday, coming home from a dental appointment, through our neighborhood, I looked to the side-walk and saw myself running, it was a spiritual feeling and I loved it.  I told me wife, what a wonderful feeling I just had.  When my son and I would go for our runs, simply good stuff.  Our minds are full of stimulants and bring back those memories charges up our subconscious which influences one’s actions and feelings.  

I simply wanted to create an aware or attitude about our personal situation, because there are always better methods or habits of doing things that will make us satisfied and feeling we accomplished our tasks.  It’s not one specific thing or things it’s what we feel in ours hearts.  Good vibes, or sending someone a pick me up message or calling them and thanking them for always being there for you.  It’s the easiest form of communication and bring a smile to their faces makes all the difference in the world.

There are many reasons why, no matter the issues or debt’s we owe, or feeling overwhelm  every-time we get out of bed.  It always seems to work out, we find the way, through faith or good fortune.  But, we always come out on top, no matter how bleak, we always find the way.  We are resilient and fighting through our struggles makes us all the better.  We pay it forward anytime we have the opportunity to do so, thankful for those in our lives.  Well, I guess those words found me, and writing is the best medicine for someone who loves to share the good stuff, love and enjoy who you are.  There’s only one of you in this world, so no matter the mistakes or mis-steps always remember the good Lord above loves you and is always their for YOU.                





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