Here’s a wonderful forum where “patientslikeme”, can express how they feel on a daily journal to assist others.  I truly enjoy reading all the posts, and reading what treatments are successful and helping in their daily routines.  It’s amazing how many of us our dealing with this illness.  The community and the feed back is simply up-lifting.  I believe, no matter how difficult the day may seem, never stop believe that your mind can truly heal you.  Some of the posts, are sad and others are filled with these amazing stories, of overcoming the simplest things.  I have often said, I count my “wins”, everyday.  Getting dress, putting on my shoes, brushing my teeth, and just walking with the use of my walker.  There are many more throughout the day.  It’s all about muscle memory and constantly repeating the same actions over and over again.  Putting on my socks, is difficult and taking showers without sitting is huge.  And yes holding on to the soap is hard, thank goodness no one is with me.  Laugher is the best medicine.

Here’s my Quality of Life entry, it looks at your social, mental, and physical accomplishments.

My faith, and positive outlook. I’ve always said, nothing gets accomplished without working for it. So now here I am, fighting this illness daily. Understanding things will happen and it’s how you deal with them. I’m making the best out of my situation, with support from my wife of 32 years and my two sons which I love. Family and friends make all the difference in the world. I’m happy to be a part of this, so thank you.

It’s like having a different kind of “my face”, you interact with “PALS”, which means people living with ALS.  It’s a pick me up session which is free, remember your words up-lift others.  I love this phrase “everyday a Friday”, because if this day of the week makes all the difference then treat everyday like it’s Friday.  Encourage others to smile and laugh and to do the things which makes all the reasons to love and live.

I wanted to share this with everyone, and how amazing people are in taking the time to develop this site to share our journey with others.  So don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and feeling, it’s the best form of releasing yourself to others.  And it truly helps, when you make the difference just for that day.

So a Special Shout Out to, “patientslikeme”.


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