When it rains, it pours.






There would be days when you would hear this phrase in the shop.  “When it rains, it pours”, all good technicians know this term too well.  Why, do things like this happen?  Some times, I would have these thoughts, after rebuilding a transmission, replacing all the clutches and seals.  Or better yet, a complete overhaul.  And thinking, did I pressure check the rear clutch pack or front seal. I considered myself an excellent technician, but those thoughts would someway find their way in.  There would be days, when four cars would comeback for whatever kind of issue.  I would stand there and listen to our dispatcher, he already has one he’s rechecking.  Now, there is another and two more waiting.

That would only reinforce my commitment and professionalism, never having this happen, but to ensure everything I repaired would not come back.  It takes pride and understanding the basics or what I would say the fundamentals.  I had this dream, while working in the shop I could hear John across from me, cursing and throwing his tools, “I’ll never fix this, I suck, why did I choose this profession.  I walked over and said, whats the issue?  He looked at me and said here take a look at this?  Wow, how in the heck, did you manage to do that.  John, said that’s a good question.  Lets, see if I can explain this, John was replacing an exhaust manifold and the rear stud broke off in the cylinder head.  Well, lets just say, the easy-out was broken where he drilled out the stud and the hold half of the block.  Oh my, is correct.  I said, John its your lucky day, this same exact thing happened to Jose, last month.  I, know this machinist here in Glendale, he’s an artist.  Common, lets tear this engine down.  What are you saying, you’ll help me, of course.  Thirty minutes later, it was out.

We both walked over to the manager’s office and said you need to look at this.  Now, what did John do?  It’s going to be fine, but you need to let the client know about this.  And we need the parts truck, so we both jumped in and off to the machine shop.  Hello, Scott it’s an emergency, how fast can you repair this.  Scott, said just because it’s you give me an hour.  Great, what kind of sandwich do you want?  Anything, okay.  I’ll be back.

About an hour later, we both arrived and with the biggest sandwich I believe Scott ever had.  Here you go, WOW, that looks like new.  You truly are the best, thank you so much.  And here’s the P.O number, 12345.  Jumped in the truck and off we went.  Got back to the shop, and we both reassembled it, record-breaking time.

Client, picked up their vehicle, and the best part of this dream was this event really happened.  The moral of the dream or story, always be willing to help others when the opportunity presents its self.  Helping others when they think all is lost.  No matter how big or small, you can make a difference.




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