never give-up




Some days just seem to be harder than others, it’s a proven fact that humans make irrational choices, and decisions.  When the shit, hits the fan we react and fire away, it’s just human instinct.  The thought process goes out the door, why is that?  What is this called? I’m right, or you’re stupid.  This thing, anger and displeasure, or hostility comes out.  What is truly gained or achieved, does this make us feel better or worst?  I’ve found for me, it didn’t bring me pleasure or better either way.  So, why do we allow are emotions or actions to dictate our words and thoughts?

It’s a mystery?, or a pattern yet to be changed.  I have said things which I regret, and truly sorry to those who I hurt or offended.  I share my thoughts and words with everyone who is willing to read and change the pattern.  Anger, how do we justify it or remove it.  This word, changes everything about us, turns us into a foul and despicable human.   So, let’s think for a moment, what if we could leave the anger part out of the equation, what would it look like.

Trouble, difficulty, complicated, you decide.  There are many words to describe (anger) which word would you use in any given situation.  Here’s an example: displeasure or instructed,  hostility or conduct.  Words used to offset anger, and using them in a more constructive manner.  The point here is to think outside the box, choosing different words bring different emotions.  Try it, I hate that person.  Why, do I dislike this person?  Ask yourself these questions before the words sink into your sub-conscious mind.  Your emotions capture that vision, just like a photograph taken on your smart phone.  It’s that photo we’re trying to change.

There are so many thoughts, which come to mind.  We’ve all said it, he will never get it or he’s just slow.   With my own two eyes, I’ve seen those individuals excel before my very eyes.  There is constructive criticism and individual evaluation.  Things will occur, and the shit will hit the fan, but it’s how you will proceed in resolving the issue.  And the end result is what matters most, when anger wanted to show its ugly face, our resolve and good virtue wins over anger.  In turn resolving the issue correctly and professionally.  Always bring a brighter day, and brings us closer in helping others find better ways in excelling.





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