Helping Others.






I fully believe humans being are a kind, loving, caring, thoughtful and up-lifting people.  We all try to find or seek those items or objects which will make a difference in someones lives.  I would like to give thanks for every person who has affected my life in a positive way.  There are many wonderful and inspirational ways to simply say thank you.  It’s how people everyday do the littlest things and expect nothing in return.  We all have that ability, it’s in our DNA.  So, when your sub-conscious tells you to perform the simplest act of kindness, acknowledge it and see it done.  The smiles and comfort it will bring to those are priceless.  I sit here today, and write because it brings me peace and happiness to share my thoughts with everyone.  These days are special and every second and minute shouldn’t be wasted.  I’ve read some wonderful books and everyone tells its own story, of how sharing, and giving yourself in any way possible are the keys to blissfulness.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family, and sharing my thoughts and up-lifting spirits are my way of saying thank you.  We all have our difficulties and challenges, but with Gods help and direction all is possible.  I need him in my life, and would welcome whoever you’re to reach out and give him your hand and allow him to guide you through the bumpy roads of life.  Share your thoughts with him and seek the guides you’ve been looking for.  Simply going to church and praying is not enough, we’d been given the greatest gift of all US, so giving to those who need it most should be our purpose.

I’ve always said, a family that prays together stays together.  Words alone can’t be used without believing in your heart and soul why they’re used, towards helping or healing those who receive them.  Every night before I go to bed, I pray the Our Father and with conviction and faith that the next day will be better than this day.  And aways being thankful, and polite when ever the opportunity presence it’s self.

The books tell a different story, when in your toughest times you should seek him.  I say, No, because he should be with US all the time and not only when we need him.  We ask, God for help and in doing the right thing, but he needs our help as well, because he can’t manifest himself and them stop you from doing wrong to others or to yourself.  He needs US to pray for his support and strength in overcoming your negative thoughts.  It’s called teamwork with US, God will only look and that’s not how it should happen.  Ask for his help and he will be there ready to direct you on to the correct path.

The books, tell me there is Good and Evil, so when challenge and your path is blocked turn to God and together move that boulder and continue the right path.  You must believe with your mind-body, and spirit.  And your words shall be heard, never get up for it shall be done.  So whatever your beliefs are used them in a positive way, and bring good-will, health, happiness, and most importantly love and peace.

So, I say to all my family & friends, seek God and take him into your life.  Great things will begin to happen and doors that seem like they’d never opened, now are wide open and waiting for you.  Wonderful things, exciting things, happy things, and up-lifting things begin to manifest before your eyes.  So grab onto someone anyone and take them with you and all people will come to realize good things happen when our thoughts are clear and free of negative vibes.  Don’t seek to understand, seek to see what is being said and listen.  Seeing and listening are two completely different things.  See with your heart and listen with your ears.  Heath, wellness and defeating ALS, is what and why my thoughts are front and center.  So together we continue this life full of events which change every second it seems like.  We grow and learn, and making the same mistake twice could happen, but positive thinking and focus will only happen once.  The less mistake made the better, because with determination and pure focus there will be fewer than more.  Spend your time with people who are looking for the light, which shines brighter everyday you’re with God.


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