Starting A New.





In the beginning, we set our goals and targets.  We attended school and read all those books, sat in class and listened to the instructor as he or she taught the class.  Than we graduated, and our life seemed a little more complicated.  Seeking out our career and pressing forward.  Many thoughts ran through my mind and seemly accepting what lied ahead.  Our parents did the best job they could do and the rest was in my hands.  I remember sleepless nights, thinking about how was I going to live and pay all those bills.  Would I succeed? or would I fail?  Scary times, but I was very confident in how I prepared and understood the field in which I was taking part in.  It felt and seemed to fit, I took to repairing automobiles and it fit like a glove.  I’d always enjoyed building models, monsters, jet fighters, air-craftcarriers, all sorts of cars, and dragster.  So putting engines together and re-building transmissions and any part of the car felt right.  I truly enjoyed my career and excelled very rapidly in my field.

Moving up the ladder was so rewarding and satisfying, my first target was to open a garage and start my own business.  So what changed that course, I was moved into management and my focus was diverted, I remember thinking of how I was going to change the world of automotive repairs.  So, I refocus my thoughts and energy towards building a successful business.  I’d gone from only repairing to facilitating the complete process in the Dealership, how having 20 technicians to supervise and 4 service advisors, dispatcher, and 4 lot personal and our parts department was a plate filled and overrunning with all thinks of issues.  How things happen, do affect the direction and outcome of ones goal.


15 years later, running like a well oil machine, again the ladder stood in my office.  I was yet not full and now wanted to own my Dealership.  So what stood in the way, the General Manager position and learning how to run a Dealership would have been the final step.  Determination and desire, and hard work earned and was offered the position, which I took with the biggest smile you’d ever seen.  I remember my first day and the feeling were the same, to create an environment and grow and prosper.  Exciting times, my goal had been reached.


Starting A New, so what bring me to this place and time is an illness which came at me like a Greg Maddux cure-ball.  This ALS, (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).  It changed my direction and stern hard focus which had afforded my strength and determination.  So, how was I going to deal with this now.  It has taken me one full year to mentally overcome this ALS thing. My focus is a new, I truly love the automotive industry and will begin a NEW.  I write this out, simply because it makes that impression in my sub-conscious mind, seeing it, writing it, and visualizing it are the methods needed to overcome any illness.  I will begin a new teaching those, and creating the excitement I once started off with.  So we begin a NEW.  Wish me luck on my journey and always remember it’s not how you do it, but what happens when you do it right.







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