Celebrate today.




To all those who make the mistake and say things will be better tomorrow.  What about celebrating today with everything you have because there is nothing promised to us.  Wake up and list out all the things in your mind or on paper and see it done.  Don’t leave anything which can be done today for tomorrow.  Issues, problems, finances, health, and everything else you could possibly think of.  I promise you one thing they will all be there tomorrow, so why put so much energy into all when dealing with one issue would make you feel better.  I’m the same way, how much can I carry on my plate?  Simplify your issues and deal with the most important one today.  Put all your energy into it and see it through and scratched it of your list.  Things will start to look brighter and your days more complete.


Think of it this way, how excited you feeling when your family are going on vacation, you count everyday and every second of time.  Our minds produce the best results when every fiber is clicking at once.  So when an issue is at hand, give it 110% of your fiber and finish it.  No short cuts and no I’ll deal with it tomorrow, see it completed and celebrate today.  It’s not the easiest but if practice often enough, you will find your list getting smaller everyday.  And everyday will be a celebration leaving nothing for tomorrow.


Celebrate the things which matter most to you and your family.  Don’t lose faith by keeping many things in mind, with the same excitement as going on a trip.  Things will just start dropping like flies.  And don’t beat yourself up if things don’t happen but what I can promise it will get done, quicker then ever before.  Why, do I speak of this topic and what is to gain, I say your peace of mind and your health brings happier days to follow.  Here are my celebrations each day: to get dress, take a shower, brush my teeth, walk up and down my stairs.  Those are the celebrations I look forward to each and everyday.  They sound so simple, but task which are difficult for me and when completed they’re my WINS.  So whatever your lists may consist of make them WINS and celebrate those each and everyday.


So remember don’t leave things undone which can be completed today.  Because tomorrow brings it own items and tasks which will back up the process.  Take walks for lunch or walk away for 15 minutes and reset, things will feel different and work loads will lessen.  You owe it to yourself and those around you, because when you are celebrating they to will feel the up-lifting attitude.  And the feeling of happiness will overcome all those in the room.


I hope today was a celebration, why because we are alive and free and the only thing between us and happiness is US.  Together in sharing our successes and wins help each other in ways that can’t be described.  It’s faith in God and understanding the goodness in each one of us.  Following his lead and supporting and giving strength to those who need help with celebrating their days in the now and not tomorrows.  We all need comfort and backing, show others by example of how and why living today is so much better than living in the tomorrow.  Waking up early, going for a walk or run before work or getting to the office, whatever it is made the list and see it through and celebrate each day with gusto and warmth.  Because nothing is promised to us.  Love & Live for today.




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