Starting A New.





In the beginning, we set our goals and targets.  We attended school and read all those books, sat in class and listened to the instructor as he or she taught the class.  Than we graduated, and our life seemed a little more complicated.  Seeking out our career and pressing forward.  Many thoughts ran through my mind and seemly accepting what lied ahead.  Our parents did the best job they could do and the rest was in my hands.  I remember sleepless nights, thinking about how was I going to live and pay all those bills.  Would I succeed? or would I fail?  Scary times, but I was very confident in how I prepared and understood the field in which I was taking part in.  It felt and seemed to fit, I took to repairing automobiles and it fit like a glove.  I’d always enjoyed building models, monsters, jet fighters, air-craftcarriers, all sorts of cars, and dragster.  So putting engines together and re-building transmissions and any part of the car felt right.  I truly enjoyed my career and excelled very rapidly in my field.

Moving up the ladder was so rewarding and satisfying, my first target was to open a garage and start my own business.  So what changed that course, I was moved into management and my focus was diverted, I remember thinking of how I was going to change the world of automotive repairs.  So, I refocus my thoughts and energy towards building a successful business.  I’d gone from only repairing to facilitating the complete process in the Dealership, how having 20 technicians to supervise and 4 service advisors, dispatcher, and 4 lot personal and our parts department was a plate filled and overrunning with all thinks of issues.  How things happen, do affect the direction and outcome of ones goal.


15 years later, running like a well oil machine, again the ladder stood in my office.  I was yet not full and now wanted to own my Dealership.  So what stood in the way, the General Manager position and learning how to run a Dealership would have been the final step.  Determination and desire, and hard work earned and was offered the position, which I took with the biggest smile you’d ever seen.  I remember my first day and the feeling were the same, to create an environment and grow and prosper.  Exciting times, my goal had been reached.


Starting A New, so what bring me to this place and time is an illness which came at me like a Greg Maddux cure-ball.  This ALS, (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).  It changed my direction and stern hard focus which had afforded my strength and determination.  So, how was I going to deal with this now.  It has taken me one full year to mentally overcome this ALS thing. My focus is a new, I truly love the automotive industry and will begin a NEW.  I write this out, simply because it makes that impression in my sub-conscious mind, seeing it, writing it, and visualizing it are the methods needed to overcome any illness.  I will begin a new teaching those, and creating the excitement I once started off with.  So we begin a NEW.  Wish me luck on my journey and always remember it’s not how you do it, but what happens when you do it right.







The First Impression.



When you hear this what the first thing you think of ?  Good presentation, eye contact, well dressed, or punctuality, and professionalism.  All those and many more we could add to the list of making a first impression.  It applies to everything we do, and not only getting hired.  We sell automobiles for a living, we need to make that first impression, if not going up hill throughout the day will be tough.  We sell parts, or provide service it’s the same, when in the people business our attitude needs to be on point.  Making the first impression is critical.  Your making a partnership with the person across from you and your integrity, and trust must equal your businesses mission statement.  Every employee must understand or know what their mission statement means and including their business culture.  I say, it should be posted in your showroom or in your service drive, so your clients or customers could read it.


Everyone and with no exceptions are exempt from your company’s mission statement.  It’s all about what you and everyone else believes in providing outstanding service, the attitude or balance of your performance is required.  When we greet our clients each and everyday, the fist impression better make them feel warm and fuzzy.  Doesn’t matter what kind of  morning you are having, your facial expression is key.  What do I mean when I say “key”, it’s demonstrating your commitment of 100% satisfaction.  That’s the “key” excelling in whatever field you are in.


Your first impression sells not only what you facility is offering but, also the most important thing is YOU.  Without it you have nothing or better yet no business.  Look in the mirror and sell yourself something, and then ask yourself would I buy it?  It’s not about perception, it’s about making the best first impression.  The last time I checked the social media sites, it tells the stories about how well our customer service really is doing.  We made say, not our facility and not our service or parts department, it’s about every individual wearing your companies logo and how they represent your franchise.


When dealing with the public and your employes’ every word and expression is key.  They must embrace your focus and desire in making the very best first impression.  Having great managers that only shout out orders and tell everyone what a horrible job they’re doing is not the key to success.  It’s the key to disaster and each person your employee comes in contact with.  The first impression is the “key” because you don’t get a second chance.  So start with your managers and make sure they understand and demonstrate it daily.


It’s a team concept and everyone should understand it 100%, if someone is not in-line take him or her to the side and find out what the issues are quickly.  Don’t let someone sink because it not my responsibly, make it yours and help them through it.  Team players and understanding why you’re there in the first place.  Should be our goal and commitment to our customers, they’re coming to us and that alone should make things better. Because without them we would not be employed.


So overtime, when performance is peaking and all our clients are completely satisfied is when all the training and efforts put front and center may the difference.  It’s the first impression and will be the driver every time we do business with people.  So if your head is not right and feeling down, reset before heading of to work, the difference will be huge.  People love dealing with great spirit and great attitude and with the present mind and focus.  The first impression will knock them to the floor when all the ingredients are mixed together.


So the next time someone asks you is the first impression critical, pull this out and let them read it.  It all starts with YOU.









Celebrate today.




To all those who make the mistake and say things will be better tomorrow.  What about celebrating today with everything you have because there is nothing promised to us.  Wake up and list out all the things in your mind or on paper and see it done.  Don’t leave anything which can be done today for tomorrow.  Issues, problems, finances, health, and everything else you could possibly think of.  I promise you one thing they will all be there tomorrow, so why put so much energy into all when dealing with one issue would make you feel better.  I’m the same way, how much can I carry on my plate?  Simplify your issues and deal with the most important one today.  Put all your energy into it and see it through and scratched it of your list.  Things will start to look brighter and your days more complete.


Think of it this way, how excited you feeling when your family are going on vacation, you count everyday and every second of time.  Our minds produce the best results when every fiber is clicking at once.  So when an issue is at hand, give it 110% of your fiber and finish it.  No short cuts and no I’ll deal with it tomorrow, see it completed and celebrate today.  It’s not the easiest but if practice often enough, you will find your list getting smaller everyday.  And everyday will be a celebration leaving nothing for tomorrow.


Celebrate the things which matter most to you and your family.  Don’t lose faith by keeping many things in mind, with the same excitement as going on a trip.  Things will just start dropping like flies.  And don’t beat yourself up if things don’t happen but what I can promise it will get done, quicker then ever before.  Why, do I speak of this topic and what is to gain, I say your peace of mind and your health brings happier days to follow.  Here are my celebrations each day: to get dress, take a shower, brush my teeth, walk up and down my stairs.  Those are the celebrations I look forward to each and everyday.  They sound so simple, but task which are difficult for me and when completed they’re my WINS.  So whatever your lists may consist of make them WINS and celebrate those each and everyday.


So remember don’t leave things undone which can be completed today.  Because tomorrow brings it own items and tasks which will back up the process.  Take walks for lunch or walk away for 15 minutes and reset, things will feel different and work loads will lessen.  You owe it to yourself and those around you, because when you are celebrating they to will feel the up-lifting attitude.  And the feeling of happiness will overcome all those in the room.


I hope today was a celebration, why because we are alive and free and the only thing between us and happiness is US.  Together in sharing our successes and wins help each other in ways that can’t be described.  It’s faith in God and understanding the goodness in each one of us.  Following his lead and supporting and giving strength to those who need help with celebrating their days in the now and not tomorrows.  We all need comfort and backing, show others by example of how and why living today is so much better than living in the tomorrow.  Waking up early, going for a walk or run before work or getting to the office, whatever it is made the list and see it through and celebrate each day with gusto and warmth.  Because nothing is promised to us.  Love & Live for today.



Be Brilliant…





We’re all Brilliant, if you stop and think for a moment.  Seek those things which excite your mind and drive your emotions.  Does it really matter what kind of job or responsibility you are tasked to perform?  I say, no, because whatever it is fulfill it with passion and purpose, your effort will guide and place you towards your objective and your goal.  An example: I believe we have all heard those stories, started out as cleaning up the business and now they’re running it.  It happens everyday, but we must find and understand are strengths and weakness, focusing on your strengths and listening very carefully and seek those individuals which are excelling and overachiever at the skill set you desire.  If your aspiration is working with numbers or accounting seek it out, because its out there.  Be brilliant in what you excel at, the sacrifice must be made to bring you happiness and overcoming a lost sense of hopelessness.


The hardest part is figuring out, what job to take.  Why, because what you excel at your truly going to shine.  Stop and think for a moment, about the times when you were growing up and the wonderful thoughts we had.  It’s never to late and every second counts.  I sit here and write to help those see what I’d seen and how amazing it made me feel.  No task or job is difficult if you effort and heart are correct.  Mind and spirit will bring out the brilliant you, and those around you will to be affected.  Today sounds like a good time to begin, remember what will make you happy in the long run is the ticket to success.  My thoughts never stop, sometimes I believe, I never turn off.  I drive myself crazy, and I also think God is telling me to reach out to those with a message of goodwill and hope that things will get better.


Brilliant is to be, exceptionally clever or talented.  Those are the very words we should memories in our hearts.  Be brilliant and seek those and connect yourself in their circle of friendship.  Great minds think alike, and this is so true.  It’s our time and never listen to anyone else, just do the things which drives your emotions.  There are no rearview mirror in life, only what is in front of you.  Inspiration and your guiding light will prevail and boosting yourself esteem is the food your body needs.


There is another word that comes to mind, clever; quick to understand or learn.  So be clever and apply those ideas and talents we all possess.  It’s clear and understood it takes some strategy and planing on your part.  No magic or waking up and “BAM” it happened.  Hard work is required, and you already know what makes your engine run faster than ever before.  It’s what you excel in, and what creates the spark you have been looking for.  We’d used these terms, firing on all cylinders and feeling like a million bucks.  Don’t look outside yourself, because its inside and it’s been there since your first breath of air was taken.  Be you, because God made everyone special and unique.


So stop complaining and start doing something about it, nothing will ever happen until you start taking full responsibility for your actions.  If you’re not happy change it and find it, stop looking for excuses and blaming everyone else for where you are.  You have the ability and talents to succeed, its right in front of you find the closes mirror and it right there.  You can, I believe and God believes we all have a purpose don’t waste it, Be Brilliant.



My Thoughts…





I’ve done a lot of thinking these days, and a lot of reading which is great, because it makes you forget for just a moment and that real helps.  It’s different when you are on the other side and wondering what it must be like?  I use this form as therapy and that my subconsciousness will heal me from the inside out and fix the broken cells caused by neurological conditions and disorders, better know as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).  I believe there are better days to come and God will provide the direction I must follow, its been the toughest one year of my life.  But the true is I feel amazing and healthier than I ever been.  This gluten-free diet is wonderful and including no red meat.  Even though this illness takes or depletes my energy due to the fasciculations causing a flicker of movement under the skin.  The spontaneous effect of small muscle fibers continuously twitching throughout my body which never turns off.  This disorder is what drains me the most.  I tell my wife when I’m going to bed the party starts inside and which I have no invention too.  It’s been going on for over a year, don’t think I got use to it because I’ve not, I just close my eyes and say my prayers and give thanks for today.


Thinking is the best kind of medicine for your body and subconsciousness, I’d call it meditating within our nervous system and healing those affected areas.  Calling out your subconsciousness and focusing on creating the desired leg strength or any parts which would help you overcome your weakness or illness.  I’ve started this meditation process and I’m looking for those positive results.  I’m very fortunate because my backyard is very quiet and I don’t have backyard neighbor and the hillside give me peace and harmony.  The perfect place for meditation, and seeking enlightenment within my spirit.  Now if you don’t have a quiet backyard find a room inside your house or basement and meditate there any place works, so as you’re not disturbed.  Start with 30 minutes a day and as often as you can.


There are those days when things just feel better and those are the days I try to emulate and not changing anything.  Eating the same foods or protein shakes whichever makes the difference.  Whatever works for you, positive thoughts are the most vital and critical because your body will react the same.  It’s not rock science but I’d call it common sense.  You demonstrate the way you feel and your facial expression will tell your story.  So brilliant thoughts, inspirational thoughts, goodwill thoughts, and up-lifting thoughts.  Just think of yourself as a lighting rod and anyone who contacts or touches you will share your good vibes.


I found what helps me is writing things down or posting good stuff on the Face or any social media site.  Sharing your feeling the MOJO has really help me.  Not to pretend we live in Disneyland, but to understand how much we truly affect each other is key.  If you’re having one of those days, reach out to someone and simply have a discussion about anything, you will find how much this will help clear your mind and then refocus on your task.  I would say we had days when it just seemed impossible and walked away and then came back and everything fit like a glove, it’s the same thing, talking to anyone who has a positive outlook would be preferred.  We all have many friends or relatives to reach out to.  So don’t carry  all the luggage by yourself people are there ready to help and assist in any way.


I’m here if anyone would like to call or just have a conversation would be welcomed.  Don’t worry about anything just do it.  You will find that the recipient of the other line welcomes your call as well.  I started this by simply explaining how meditation can help with anything, we simply just have to believe it.  So lets all find what we are looking for, Health, Wellness, and defeating ALS are my thoughts.  Together we all WIN, enjoy your time here and follow God promise for better days and happier times are coming.