Season change…


I posted a thought yesterday on Facebook, the topic was season change.  Growing up in Cleveland Ohio, we had the four seasons which I loved.  You ever needed to look at a calendar at any given time, simply looking outside told you what month it was.  Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, how I miss those seasons.  Spring time, looking at the snow melting and see the green grass underneath brought a smile to my face and all the beautiful flowers and birds signing there happy melodies all in harmony was the best.  And then Summer time, the humanity was the worst and all those mosquitos and boy they were hungry and the heat felt the same day or night.  The Autumn, my favorite because all the leaves started changing colors which made it appear like a beautiful photo and those cool breezes from the lake felt like winter and you knew it was coming, beautiful times.  And then Winter, so many memories freezing and always shoveling snow comes to mind.  Staying up late looking outside our window and seeing a fresh blanket of snow covering the entire street up and down, light post shinning on the snow-covered on the ground and made it look like crystals sparkling an amazing sight.

I share this with everyone, because as the season change so do our moods, some people get sad, some get angry and others feel a sense of happiness.  It’s not good or bad when your mood changes, but to understand why?  This is where we begin to heal and put those old thoughts to rest.  It’s time to create new thoughts and new feeling because we have grown and we too have changed.  There is never the same Winter or Summer.  So why should we still carry the same thoughts?  Let them go and begin new ones.

So as we begin to harness new thoughts and feeling, we too will begin to appreciate the season as they change each day a new and enjoying our times with family and friends makes it all the better.  Changes in our thoughts, with new-found love and gratitude our feelings will now be different and fresh.

So next time you starting feeling sad, look back and ask yourself why?  And if so, don’t put too much energy into it.  Give 5 or 10 minutes and then move on to better thoughts.  It has worked for me, and has made a big difference in my life.  Good energy in and good out.  Our lives and how we think things through affect our families as well.  Smile more and live in the NOW, because that’s all we’ve.  Season change and so should we.  Look at thing with an open heart and mind and accept things for what they are.  Change is good and not the opposite go with it and dust off your body and start a new, it’s truly a beautiful thing.

Affecting our moods sure make a difference with our family and friends.  Be that person people want to be around, or better yet be that light I keep reading about.  There are better ways of doing things, smiling, easiest thing that comes to mind.  So be the four season and continue to change for the better and everyone else will be happier and so will YOU.


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