Remember and don’t forget.





When growing spiritually in our life’s we often need to be reminded about all the wonderful accolade and acknowledgments we’ve earned.  How about the time when you received your very first trophy, or blue ribbon, and awards for academic achievements.  Our memories help us form our identities, here’s one that comes to mind.  Our very first spelling bee competition and you Won.  What a feeling of exhilaration when your teacher handed you your award.  The feeling or excitement is what I’m looking for those feeling turn on our memories and change your behavior in a good way.  You turned in a report and misspelled a few words and your boss handed it back to you for corrections, which made you feel bad because you thought it was perfect.  So you need to remind yourself you can spell good and reminded yourself of all the other reports which were great.  Turning a negative into a positive.  Here are a few more, graduating from school, or college.  Getting a raise or promotion, or getting hired by another company.  Completing your military training, and starting your new career in engineering, starting your own business, creating a foundation for ALS, become a teacher.  There are so many things we often forget and then we go into a deep sense of nothingness, I hate my life.  We can’t offer this to your mind so it can be stored, we need to bounce back and put great things to memory.  Don’t you just love when people say, why are you always so happy and nothing gets you down.  Because you put things to memory, and always never letting yourself forget all the things you have earned and worked so hard to achieve.  Practice these simple technic’s of memory over mind control.  You are intelligent, clever, bright, brilliant, intuitive, gifted, talented, and much more adjectives not listed.  These are the WORDS we need to put to memory and never forget.  We all have a purpose, so no matter how hard or challenging always remember how we arrived to this point in our lives.  Our minds are so powerful and insightful there is nothing we can’t accomplish when we put things to memory.  Positive in and Positive out is the only way we should remember things.  Yes, I understand there will be or are negatives which happened while growing up, my response to those are when are you going to change those memories, are we thinking of ways to reprogram are minds and letting them go.  I mean like throwing out the trash, never to return to memory.  Cut the chains and start living again.  There are so many wonderful memories in our minds to turn anything into excitement.  The worst of the worst seem to create lasting memories and they pay it forward to others.  So start today and create lasting and exciting memories that will touch everyone.  When you are ill, think about the times when you were feeling great, bring those to memory and start feeling good again.  Our minds are so vast and magnificent we haven’t even started to break the surface.


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