Where is the light…



I believe we all have some sort of illness we are dealing with or fighting.  It doesn’t only need to be called a disease to affect our bodies, but can be many other things.  Struggling to pay the bills, hardships, family issues, finding employment, paying for college and living to find a purpose in life.  Many of us deal with this everyday, we get up and face every challenge head on.  Following all the rules, honesty, integrity, helping others, and always having a smile on our faces.  We are frightened and feeling nauseated thinking where is our next meal coming from or how will I pay the rent or mortgage.  Keeping it all inside which creates an atomic bomb in our digestive system.  Our commitment and faith in knowing God understands our obstacles we face each and everyday.  He will light the path and if you choose to follow it, all of our struggles we be lifted.  Its starts with respecting yourselves and believing we are worth more than what we have.  Not the material things, but spiritual thoughts and love.  Your faith in God must be genuine and pure which in turn will cause effect in everyone you speak to.  His words and teaching help us find the cure we all seek.  The Lord God works in mysterious way, bring the right individuals or personnel  in an organization which will create change for you.  You don’t have to look so hard, the signs are all rounds us.  If we put our hands in his, wonderful things will begin to happen.  I hear everyday, someone got an increase, or a better job, and their application was accepted to help with their college debt or he completed his reliability treatment all good stuff.    There are things that happen everyday, faith and consent pursuit to achieving your purpose is made possible with faith.  We just can’t afford to sit around watching TV all day and expect the miracles to happen.  But, believing in God that there is truly something better for us is the reason he made us in his image.  So get out and put a stop to the things which are causing your anxieties and stop waiting for it to happen all by its self, when we should be creating the things we deserve and thanking the Lord God everyday for guiding us with his light.  Inspirational things happen when we just believe.  I don’t think it happen because you did a good job, but because you deserved it and effort made it so.  I believe in my heart we can all make a difference if we just give God a chance to make change in our lives.  I have always had faith in God and believe there is something special coming, our thoughts must be positive and with purpose to make the path brighter, so others may follow.


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