The Pros and Cons of an illness.




I had a thought, having an illness and living with it, what would be the pros and cons.  So here I’m writing out my list:  I feel its important mentally and physically to understand where you are spiritually.


  • unable to work out
  • unable to run
  • unable to walk without use of a walker or cane
  • unable to exercise because of fatigue
  • low energy levels
  • muscles constantly twitching which leads to fatigue
  • muscle loss and weight loss
  • unable to write with pen or pencil
  • unable to make the peace sign with my fingers both hands and raise my fingers individually
  • unable to wiggle my toes and bend them
  • unable to lift my legs straight up from sitting down or walking
  • unable to perform my job duties
  • unable to drive (this one suc@s)


  • massage to relieve stiffness
  • acupuncture to body and relieve soreness, and increases flexibility
  • able to walk with help from family and friends
  • able to get dressed
  • able to take a shower with use of a stool
  • taking supplements and vitamins to increase energy levels
  • gluten free- diet
  • able to type
  • able to put on shoes and socks
  • my WIFE the Rock 100%
  • wonderful support team
  • wonderful young man, my boys Gus Jr and Kenneth Christopher
  • My family
  • My faith in Christ
  • able to read wonderful books
  • staying positive
  • healthy and feeling great
  • able to grow my beard which I love
  • thoughts from the front lawn:
  • sharing inspirational thoughts
  • sharing good words of faith and love
  • a beautiful home and Tanky our dog

So as you can see the pros WIN hands down.  So the message here is before you start kicking yourself and having a pity party, take the time and make your list.  It’s a marvelous feeling when you write it out, and compare it side by side.  Creating an environment which is conducive to your situation.  “YOU CAN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN”


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