What is your purpose…

When we think everything is just peachy and living is as ease as putting on socks everyday.  Then something happens which knocks you off your comfort zone.  You are diagnosed with an illness that sets you back to when you were born.  Now what I’m to do, so you think and listen to your family, friends, and doctors because they only want the best for you.  You take it all in and then ask yourself, WHY?  It feels like everything just stopped and you are all alone.  Start asking yourself will everything ever be the same?  The old cliché: this will never happen to me, it did and now what.  So you ask what is my real purpose in life, I thought I had it all figured out.  Making money, successful, and having many material things, house, cars, the best furniture and clothes.  It’s a life’s lesson for sure, so you get up and fight this thing which has taken over your body.  Why me you ask, and start thinking negative thoughts why not someone else.  We all have a purpose, even before you were born your purpose was already outlined by God.  His guidance and preparation was already completed before your first breath was taken.  The beginning of something great.  You grew up in his name until it was time for a new chapter in your life.  Not so excited in the way it came but excepted because there is a bigger plan for you.  Don’t get discourage, because Gods plan is bigger and better than you could ever image.  Your faith in him will bring you to the right door and everlasting love will be yours.  Having a positive mind and focusing on helping others will bring you much success and happiness.  Much more than you could have ever wanted will be your reward for believing in his words.  I say embrace your illness because the closer its to your heart the faster God will see it gone.  His healing powers are greater than any modern pill or medicine given.  So lets start today, believe in him and see your illness GONE.




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