Deep tissue massages really helps

When diagnosed with this ALS, I thought about many things.  First was my family, and would this illness affect them in the same way it has affected me.  Of course it’s affected them mentally, simply because they observe what this illness has done to me.  Using a walker, or walking stick, and needing help getting things.  With my body feeling sore, tight, and fatigued, what was I going to do?  My wife, and I say this with my heart, she is the best thing that has ever happened in my life married for 32 years.  A good friend of hers suggested trying deep tissue massages, she mentioned it helped her father with neuropathy due to diabetes.  I’m 50 years old and never had a massage in my life.  If my muscles were tight and I was stressed I would go run or workout.  That was my remedy to relieve my tension.  But, things have changed because I can’t jog, run, or workout, or even walk without the use of some kind of device.  That’s where deep tissue massage comes in.  After the first session I was truly amazed.   After 2 hours of working all my muscles and tendons, I felt, as if, I had worked out or run 5 miles.  I thought this is it, and found what would keep me walking and keep me out of a wheelchair.  It’s wonderful stuff.  I have been doing this now for the last 10 months, four times a month.  No wheelchair for me.  That along with  acupuncture, of course.


Recently my massage therapist added to my massage, acupuncture.  This technique uses the figures as needles and applies pressure to the specific points on your body.  Its does hurt a bit, but as the process is being done they rub it out as they apply pressure.   It feels great, but I am a little sore.  Anything that will give relief and bring back flexibility to my arms and legs is a plus.  Not to mention your blood flow, so give it a try.



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